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The mutual and long-term goal of the NOS BOX project is

to raise awareness of NOS, its effect on the environment and user’s bodies

whilst designing ways to collect and utilize this unused prolific waste source in

East London.

NOS is the second most used drug by 16 – 24 age group in the UK

and the 10th Highest Recreational Drug used in the world. This coupled with the unique demographics of Tower Hamlets ensures a constant flow of Nitrous oxide canisters 

are tossed to the ground daily.


These are inevitably collected as street sweepings and go into landfill. Recycling companies and metal scrappers refuse to take the canisters siting them as being too dangerous.



An amazing team has rallied around the cause – including Tower Hamlets who has sponsored the collection box build and generous host Jamiatul Ummah School.


A series of awareness workshops were delivered to the school's students who engaged with provocative and interesting points, questions, comments and tagline ideas around the project.

Research, experimentation and development of NOS utilisation and design has been supported by Central St. Martins MA Bio Design in collaboration with MA Furniture Design.

NOS BOX is designed and built by Peter Nasielski.

Branding and Logo"Toss Your Nos" conceived by cam&

Website Design Anshuman Gupta

We are very proud to say our first “NOS BOX” will be launched in March 16th 2023 with the site host Darul Ummah Care House, Bigland Street E1, Whitechapel, Tower Hamlets.

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